John Gaskin Productions is offering two CPE-sponsored workshops for accountants in Atlanta in January and February, 2015. For additional information, visit is it for: This workshop is in response to the high demand from aspiring Line Producers, Film Production Accountants, CPA’s auditing for state Tax Credits and those General Accountants who may wish to cross over into the prestigious role of a Film Payroll Accountant.


Georgia Production Partnership, in association with the Atlanta Film Festival and Production Consultants & Equipment (PC&E), are proud to present The PA Academy with Linda Burns November 15/16, 2014. For additional info or to register, visit


L.A.-based P.A. Bootcamp is a work training program preparing trainees for the real world of set and office production in a hands-on, interactive format.  Our 2-day intensive program covers everything the A.D. expects you to know on day one.  Learn correct radio/walkie use; all production terminology; all production paperwork; set etiquette; how to build an A.D. kit; background breakdown; lock-ups; callouts; and much more.  SIGN UP AT:  To speak with us call 818.386.1228.
DATE:  October 25-26
LOCATION:  Coco Studios, 767 Trabert Ave
CONTACT INFO:   email:
phone:  818-386-1228



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